The Need: How might we improve the food selection process for customers?
  • We were interested in the general area of food and lifelogging, so we did some need-finding.
  • Restaurant customers told us that they had problems choosing which restaurant to go to and what items to order.
  • We decided to tackle the problem by combining social, lifelogging, and recommendations.

Our Application Design
  1. See what friends and others are eating and enjoying
  2. Share your experiences with others
  3. Build out your own profile
  4. Receive relevant recommendations for restaurants and items

User Testing Process
  • Needfinding with 5 friends
  • 2 rounds of paper prototyping
  • 5 alpha testers
  • 5 consistent beta testers
  • 10+ testers from restaurant-goers at Ike’s (see feedback from Ike’s)

Insights from User Testing
  • Immediate gratification is necessary: users wanted immediate value for their lifelogging, so we implemented a recommendation engine
  • Usability depends on an intuitive UI: flows need to be clear and call-to-actions obvious
  • Application scope must be tightly defined: users complained our initial scope was too broad and therefore confusing
  • Rich experience: users complained our initial implementation of only “likes” was not enough, but were satisfied after we added “ates” and “comments”