The Project:

How might we improve the food-selection experience for diners?

A mobile web application that allows users to look up menus / nutrition information foro restaurants + dining halls near them and log the food that they eat. They can also see what their friends are eating and the restaurants they are going to. Furthermore, they can build a full nutrition plan with recommendations based on the food that they have previously logged

The Implementation Plan

Please see our schedule page for our implementation schedule and tentative split of tasks

We are going to build a mobile website, most likely with either a ruby on rails or python framework, with plugins that help configure and build mobile websites, together with jquery mobile / touch to help with mobile interactions.

We will be hooking into either Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, or SimpleGeo APIs in order to retrieve our restaurant listings, and scraping the stanford dining website for the dining halls / menus. We will also be hooking into the Facebook API in order to do logins for our mobile application.

The Muffin Men (TEAM):

Matt Bush as the Bluffin' Muffin - Dev Lead

Mike Duong as the McMuffin - User Testing Lead

Joseph Lau as the Stud Muffin - Design Lead

George Tang as the Talking Muffin - Project Coordinator / Archivist

Bobby Wei as the Muffin Top - Co-Design / User Testing Lead